Praise for iET Solutions CMDB from analyst firm EMA

Enterprise Management Associates acknowledges rich functionality, ease of administration and good cost-benefit ratio

ASCHHEIM, GERMANY, August 20, 2019 - IT industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has described the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) from iET Solutions as “a versatile, adaptable and proven resource for optimizing assets and managing change”, adding that it “may well be one of the most versatile single CMDB investments in the industry”.

The positive comments are part of an independent evaluation of the iET Solutions CMDB published in an EMA impact brief.

As the variety of hardware and software systems increases, it becomes even more important for companies to control their vast number of devices and applications reliably. However, pure inventory is not enough, according to Peter Kemper, Manager Client Services, from iET Solutions:

“What’s needed is a system for recording and documenting the dependencies of every IT asset organizations wish to keep under control. Only then can new services or changes be implemented without interruption, and incidents be dealt with quickly and comprehensively – and that’s an area in which our CMDB excels.”

All information available in one place

iET Solutions enables the inventory of any hardware or software, including servers, computers, mobile devices, telephones and network components – anything that can be reached via an IP address. At the same time, the relations between the systems are determined and documented within the CMDB.

It is essential for IT management to know, for example, which application is installed on a computer or which network a server is hosted on. This allows the IT department to pinpoint exactly which systems are affected in the event of an incident or when a new software version is rolled out, and to act accordingly. The information recorded in the CMDB also benefits the service desk when they are called upon to manage an incident: the service desk employee can immediately see which hardware and software the user is working with or which servers he or she is allowed to access.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Existing solutions for service desk, inventory, asset management and network management can be easily integrated into iET Solutions’ CMDB via interfaces. This ensures that the CMDB contains all available data in one place for any IT asset, and facilitates direct access to cross-department or cross-location data. Configuration items can also be kept up-to-date either on a time-controlled or ad-hoc basis.

The CMDB as solid foundation for future activities

The CMDB stores all available data centrally – both current and historical information. This includes, for example, the links between hardware or software and processes, the relationships with IT services, and information on the service lifecycle. The CMDB is not only the basis for ongoing operations, but also for optimizing and planning the IT landscape. The EMA impact brief can be downloaded here: EMA Impact Brief for CMDB/CMS: iET Solutions Vendor Overview.

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